Bison Hide Dream Catcher: "46" x 28" Leather Briefcase
Bison Hide Dream Catcher: "46" x 28"Leather Briefcase

This piece is painted on a bison hide using traditional paints and processes. Yamni Ptepasaca translates to three bison skulls in Lakota. Paints are made with with hide glue and tinted with natural minerals and pigments. This one-of-a-kind wall...

 Personalize your briefcase to represent you!  Hand-carved artist's rendition of an image you request.



Leather Shell Pouch Personalized Notebook (with writing pad)
Leather Shell PouchPersonalized Notebook (with writing pad)

This rugged leather shell pouch is great for skeet shooting or bird hunting.  Rapid access to live shells and easy drop of used shells. 

Personalize your notebook.  The outside cover will be personalized for you on the front and/or back (your preference).



Thermos with Personalized Cover
Thermos with Personalized Cover

Personalize your thermos.  We hand-carve your image into the leather and wrap the thermos with it.